Witold Simon

born in 1968

  • MD, PhD, CGP
  • he is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, supervisor, and trainer,
  • he provides individual, group, and couple psychotherapy for people who struggle with depression, anxiety, personality related problems, eating disorders, sexual behaviors and/or experienced various types of trauma (sexual, physical, or intellectual abuse; emotional, intellectual, or physical neglect) and/or pregnancy loss (e.g., abortion or miscarriage).
  • in his clinical work he prefers integrative approach with the emphasis on the following schools: existential, humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, systemic, and gestalt.
  • it is, however, therapeutic alliance, not any particular theory or technique, which he recognizes as the main vehicle of change and healing on the road to authenticity.
  • he provides psychotherapy and supervision for psychotherapists in training as well as for experienced psychotherapists.
  • he supervises both psychotherapy and supervision.
  • his research interests include: psychotherapy process and outcome, trauma, and existential-humanistic psychotherapy.
  • he lectures on:
    • – group psychotherapy;
    • – existential-humanistic psychotherapy;
    • – personality development and personality disorders;
    • – psychopathology;
    • – psychotherapy research design and analysis.
  • he worked as assistant professor (2004–2006 and 2010–2015) in the Department of Neurotic Disorders and Psychotherapy, at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Warsaw, Poland.
  • he worked as visiting assistant professor (2007–2010) at the Clinical Psychology Department at Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA.
  • he is certified supervisor and psychotherapist by Psychotherapy Research Section of Polish Psychiatric Association and New Experience for Survivors of Trauma.
  • he is certified psychotherapist by The American Group Psychotherapy Association and European Association of Psychotherapy.
  • he served as president of the New Experience for Survivors of Trauma (2013-2022).
  • he serves as chair of the Scientific Board of the Wrocław Psychotherapy Foundation training for future psychotherapists accredited by the Psychotherapy Research Section of Polish Psychiatric Association, since 2013.
  • he is member of Society for Psychotherapy Research.
  • he served as Senior Fulbright Fellow (2007).
  • he was a grant holder of the Batory Foundation (1997), Leonardo da Vinci Project (2002), and David M. Kennedy Center (2010).

Contact info:
mobile: +48 695 852 751